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WorldEscrow N.V./S.A.
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Worldescrow N.V.
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Verifications general

The main difference between WorldEscrow and its competitors lies in the verification of the material deposited with us. The value of an Escrow agreement depends entirely on the completeness and legibility of the deposited material. For this reason, technical verification of the Escrow material is a basic requirement of a quality agreement. Every deposit is verified by our technical department. Our verification levels offer clients the opportunity to choose between various degrees of security.

Basic Service Level (BSL)

The Basic Service Level is the most rudimentary form of escrow. The focus is entirely on safekeeping.

Level I - Standard Verification (STV)

This basic verification is carried out on all deposits stored with WorldEscrow. Materials are verified for the presence and readability of the source code and related documentation, as mentioned on the 'Escrow deposit specification form'.

Level II - Extended Verification (EXT)

The objective of this optional verification is to guarantee the completeness of the source code. Source code is compiled on a standalone computer and missing or wrong data are reported to the supplier in order to correct or complete the source code.

Level III - Extended PLUS Verification (EXP)

This Extended PLUS Verification is an extended, customized verification. Besides compilation, a project plan is made up in agreement with the different parties to define the additional activities/tests to be executed.